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Oliver Corbyn


Dr. Oliver Corbyn is the 42nd headmaster of Miskatonic University. Born January 27th, 1983 in Elizabeth, New Jersey to French immigrants, Corbyn’s early life was brimming with accomplishments: a Rhodes Scholar, member of the NHS, and valedictorian. As a freshman at Yale University, he was selected as a youth excavator on an archaeological mission to Egypt. This mission  set off his passion for the study of human existence. He graduated a year early at the top of his class with honors majoring in Anthropology, and Library Sciences.


From here, Dr. Corbyn continued his studies and research abroad. Through his travels, he encountered various cultures, customs, and religions. His growing fascination with the occult would eventually lead him to Miskatonic University. Here he began teaching as a professor in Anthropology and Library Sciences. He also studied directly under the former headmaster, Dr. Andrea Washington.


During Corbyn’s time at Miskatonic, Washington’s health deteriorated significantly. Many attribute her decline in cognitive ability to the fabled “Miskatonic Curse''. Regardless, Washington’s time as headmaster came to an end after six years of service. In the long standing tradition of Miskatonic university, the headmaster prepared for a successor in the event of their demise. And so, Dr. Corbyn became the new headmaster of Miskatonic.


Though in the past, he was considered easy-going by his peers and students, today Dr. Corbyn has a reputation for running a tight ship much like his predecessor. He now stands in the long line of great and powerful individuals leading our esteemed university in the pursuit of knowledge and discovery of the unknown.


“I will continue the legacy that has been passed onto me. This I swear from this day until my last.”

~Dr. Oliver Corbyn

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